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Glasgow PTS is the perfect place to find professional and experienced Glasgow personal trainers.

All of the personal trainers you can find on Glasgow PTS are fully qualified and are able to help individuals of all different levels achieve their fitness goals.

Whether you need that professional support in reaching new weightlifting personal bests or if you just need guidance from an expert on getting fit and healthy, our network of PT’s has you covered.





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The best Personal Trainers in Glasgow

As an integrated network of Glasgow personal trainers, our PT’s have had a wide variety of people, from up-and-coming athletes to those who have just joined the gym.

Whatever your level of experience, the core necessities of success in reaching your fitness goals are always the same, namely:

  • Working out safely & correctly.
  • Staying consistent.
  • Constantly challenging yourself.

These are the three aspects which our personal trainers prioritise highly.

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What They’re Saying About Us

“Achieved my goals with the help of Glasgow PTs in only a few months.”

Caroline BreenSupport Worker

“Working with Glasgow PTs over the past 6 months has really helped me achieve some fantastic results and stay motivated throughout. Got a custom workout plan and went from there. Results week on week. Support and motivation all along the way. Highly recommend.”

Stephen McfaddenDJ

“From day one with Glasgow PTs I have been instantly impressed with not only their passion for their roles in this industry but also the incredible amount of knowledge they have at their disposal.”

Kyle DaviesData Analyst

“I've been with Glasgow PTs for the past two months – they have helped me to significantly improve my fitness & flexibility.”

Holly CamplingSales Assistant

New to the Gym

It is extremely important to form good habits when working out for the first few times.

That’s why our personal trainers in Glasgow are dedicated to making sure you grasp the core movements and proper form in whatever type of training you choose.

This paired with constructive guidance and support. We’ll kick start your fitness journey setting you on the path to becoming a stronger, fitter version of yourself.

Whether your own personal fitness goals are to lose weight, pack on muscle, get stronger, or just get fit and healthy. Glasgow PTS has the right coach for you.


Perhaps you’ve been lifting weights for strength for some time and are looking to set new PR’s? Or maybe you want to improve your endurance on your long-distance running? Our PT’s have the practical experience and required theory to facilitate your continued improvement more efficiently than simply training alone without support.

Consider what it is you want to improve in your performance, whether you run, cycle, lift, or swim. You will almost always improve at a faster rate with the help of a professional personal trainer.

Strength Training

Strength training has a lot of benefits for the body and will be at the core of most training regimes. Strength training is extremely beneficial. Most people assume its something only men do however there are so many benefits with strength training.

Strength Training will help strengthen your joints and bones, help your heart, burn calories, improve your balance AND make you look and feel better.

Its extremely important to note that strength training is not just for body builders who want to lift heavy weights in a gym. Regular strength training prevents the natural loss of muscle mass which comes with aging.

A lot of women at first are really hesitant to focus on building strength because they are scared it will give them a bulk physique. It’s actually extremely hard for ladies to become “bulky looking”.

So if you want to LOOK better and most importantly FEEL better sign up for a session today.


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Fat Loss with Glasgow PTs

There is no safe and healthy quick wins for Fat Loss. Fat Loss is a long game of consistency and hard work. Anyone telling you otherwise is inexperienced or delusional. Fad diets lead to losing weight for a few months followed by putting it all back on.

If you’re main goal is to lose weight, the biggest and important thing you should realise is, you need to take a slow and steady approach when it comes to fat loss.

It might not be what you want to hear but its the truth. Make small changes over time and create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Heres a mini healthy guide to losing fat loss in a few steps:

  • Start Strength Training
  • Eat a high protein diet
  • Get more sleep!
  • Eat more healthy fats
  • Swap out the fizzy drinks
  • Fill up on fibre!
  • Increase your cardio

Eating Cleaner.

A healthy nutritional diet.

Have you heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”? Well its true! what you eat is way more important than how much you exercise if you want to see those abs!

You can target your ab muscles all day long with resistance training all day long but you wont see anything until you lose overall body fat to see the definition in those abdominal muscles.

A healthy diet is a great way of reducing body fat.

Drink more water, eat your recommended portions of fruit and veg a day, never skip breakfast, cut out fried foods and plan your meals for the week.

Just implementing everything I just said will make your life a million times easier when it comes to eating healthier.

Most people try supplements at one point or another. We can help you choose the right supplements and give you guidance on taking them too. We can even get you discounts from our local Supplement Store SAS Nutrition.

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Worried about Joining a Gym?

We totally understand how intimidating it can be joining a gym. Gyms are filled with lots of people, open space, confusing gym equipment, very healthy people and it can all be overwhelming to a new comer.

Having someone like ourselves to guide you through the gym, workouts and nutrition plans will help you build the confidence up that you need and will be extremely beneficial to your progress.