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Staying Fit During the Middle of a Lockdown

By April 28, 2020 No Comments

We’ve been in lockdown for quite a while now and like most of us, we’ve been treating it as a holiday until now. A few weeks have gone by and if we don’t get our finger out and find some form of structure we will see it affect our mental and physical health significantly. The 3-4 weeks of playing Call of Duty or Binging Netflix are over!

Ibiza might not be happening this year but we can use this extra time to get better prepared for next!

So let’s look at the situation we have facing us:

  • Gathering motivation in the house can be a total nightmare.
  • You’re limited to an hour of physical exercise outdoors
  • The clubs and pubs are shut, so there is little distractions
  • You have little to no equipment in the house

Can we still get fit? Can We still get ripped in the house? Well, let’s look at soldiers for example who when on deployment rely heavily on bodyweight exercises to keep them fit. These army / marines have to workout on deployment all the time so that they can carry all their heavy kit around.

There are a number of calisthenic exercises and HIIT workouts you can do that will give you a full-body workout.

Bodyweight exercises plus proper nutrition will definitely get you ripped.

There are tonnes of advice and free tutorials online to help you get started. There are even some paid programs that are well worth doing.

Bradley Walker has launched his own bootcamp to help you stay on track.

Can I really get ripped with just bodyweight exercises?

Your body is a survival machine and will adapt to whatever it faces. Therefore if your challenging your muscles and the muscle fibers are being broken down it will recover and repair those fibers. Each time this happens they become stronger than they were before.

So yes, you can get ripped with bodyweight exercises. You just have to keep getting better each week.


Is calisthenics really good for gaining muscle?

Yes absolutely. When it comes to your upper body calisthenics can really help pack on some muscle. Weight lifting is great too but it can put a bit of wear and tear on your joints. Calisthenics is very beneficial for not only building muscle but for building mobility and helping increase the strength in your joints.


What physique will you get with calisthenics

Well if you’re after the bodybuilder type look you’re going to have to get weights. That body composition can only be achieved with weight training. HOWEVER you don’t have much choice right now with a pandemic going on. Therefore you should be doing whatever you can to help you achieve your goal faster on the other side.

If you want a physique that makes you look shredded, calisthenics will do just fine. With bodyweight training, you can build huge muscles that look natural.



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