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Ten Reasons to hire a personal trainer

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Ten Reasons to hire a Personal Trainer

If you want to feel happy, healthy and fit you really need to start ensuring your eating the right foods, staying active and working out. For a lot of people out there this can be quite challenging as they’re so used to an unhealthy lifestyle changing it can be a really daunting / challenging task. Thats where hiring a personal trainer comes in. A personal trainer can help you achieve your goals in more ways than you would of considered.

Here is ten reasons YOU need to hire a personal trainer today:


1: Guidance and Motivation

Staying motivated or even getting motivated can be hard and I hate to break it to you but it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. Having a personal trainer as a guide will help motivate you. They will ensure your staying on track, encourage you to push harder, make sure you’ve got proper form and do the thinking for you so you can focus on just the “doing” part. You’ll get a workout plan and a nutritional plan.

2: Reduces your chance of injury

No personal trainer will let you injure yourself. Ignorance and poor execution are the most common reasons people get injured while working out. Having a personal trainer will make sure you execute your exercises with the proper form required to reduce your risk for injury. You’ll get the most out of your workouts too if you’ve got a personal trainer by your side.

3: Accountability

This is a big one, we are NOT going to let you go off track and we’re always going to be here waiting for you to show up. You can’t just find excuses not to go to the gym well… I mean you totally can but theres only so many times we’ll let you arrange bookings last minute and not charge you ;). Like I said, we are here to help you through thick and thin when it comes to your fitness journey so don’t let us down by not turning up and we will do everything we possibly can to help you.

As a PT the worst thing is having a client who doesn’t put the effort in, all we want you to do is try! We’ll remind you of your reasons for wanting to exercise, we’ll help you understand why its so important when you somehow manage to talk yourself out of it! SERIOUSLY, get a PT, cause we care! 🙂


4: We know how to mix things up

Look, we know it can get boring and when you push yourself so hard and do the same routine time and time again you’ll eventually get fed up. Personal Trainers are professionals who know exactly how to make exercising fun. We mix things up time and time again to make it more interesting. We also do it so your muscles don’t become used to the same thing! Sometimes your body needs a little shock to the system! 😉

Getting bored of your gym routine is one of the main reasons people start finding reasons not to turn up. So we keep it interesting and fun! Sick of running on the treadmill? Okay lets hit the pads! Bored of the Pads? Okay! Lets go do a HIIT circuit! Don’t let that scare you though… remember we tailor our workouts to YOU.

If you feel uncomfortable doing a particular exercise, don’t worry. We’ll work up to that until you can conquer any challenge we throw at you!

5: We put the “personal” in Personal Training

I’ve already told you how we tailor everything to you but let me go a bit more in depth. A skilled personal trainer will assess your specific needs. Do you have any injuries or health conditions we need to know about? What are your goals? Is it a 10k? Are you doing an event like Tough Mudder?

We will develop a personalised plan and define some clear achievable goals that you can reach while being health and having fun!

6: You will learn the right techniques and form

Poor form / technique will lead to injury. However thats not the only benefit. You can lose a tonne of energy on inefficient workouts! Just because you feel tired after a workout does not mean it was successful. We will show you how to maximise your efforts and ultimately your results.

7: Fat that just won’t go away?

We know the feeling. Training for bodybuilding competitions or cutting weight before a mixed martial art fight. Our guys have been through it all.

As we get older staying slim can be increasingly challenging. There are a few reasons why but basically you tend to become less active, hormone balances change, caloric intake increases and you lose calorie burning muscle tissue.

We are professionally trained here at Glasgow Personal Trainers and have the experience to help you burn your fat that just won’t go away.

8: We’re a good laugh and know how to listen

Hey maybe, we just get on well with our clients but you’ll quickly become a friend and be chatting away.. Well.. that’s until you can’t catch your breath 😛

9: Set yourself up for a healthier life

Going to the doctors usually doesn’t prevent anything. You’re fixing or trying to fix an illness you already have. Hitting the gym, staying active and eating healthy is a GREAT way to prevent a LOT of problems from arising. You are literally setting yourself up for a healthier, happier and more functional life if you get yourself a PT and start training.

Start now. It is never too late to start. 50? 60? 70? Still want to do that 10k but think its wildly impossible task? It really isn’t!

‘Humans are well adapted to run into late middle age,’ says Daniel Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University. He says our ancestors appear to have evolved to continue running or hunting well into today’s masters years.

Our certified personal trainers will get you started and set you off in the right direction. We will help you find that spark to kick start your fitness journey.


10: We’re really not that expensive

Yeah, I totally get it our prices might seem steep at first. However when you break it down and consider everything a GOOD personal trainer will do for you and what you will get out of it, it’s totally, totally worth it! Break down all those luxury treats you get yourself every month and weigh it up.

If you’re located in Glasgow get in touch. We have Trainers in the North, South, East, West and Central Glasgow.



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