Glasgow Club Springburn

What to expect at Glasgow Club Springburn!

Membership or Pay as you Gym
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:00am till 9:00pm
Saturday- Sunday 8:00am till 4:00pm
Pieces of Equipment: 30+
Classes: 50+
Swimming Pool: Of course!

Springburn Gym

What to expect !!!

Here at Glasgow Club Spring Burn we have a variety of activities and classes. We have a amazing modern gym equipped with over thirty different stations for all you fitness needs! We also have over fifty plus classes ran in our very own fitness studio.
If 'gyming' it isn't your thing then we have a range of different facilities and activities for you to choose from; Badminton Court, Basketball Court, Dance Studio and Netball Court.
What else can you find at Glasgow Club Springburn? Well being the only few Glasgow gyms to have one you'll find our very own leisure pool and sauna. Need to work on your back-stroke ? Book now with our learn to swim programme.

Where to find us!