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Looking to lose some weight and get a sculptural body? Although the correct percentage of body fat is necessary to keep our vital functions at their very best performance level, it’s important not to exceed a 19% if men and a 25% if women.

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Whatever your motivation, it’s important for you to know that losing weight is a medium-long term process, that will require an action plan including training (cardio AND strength training), a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle (did you know not sleeping enough can make you gain weight?).

The professional assistance of a personal trainer is always recommended for those wanting to start their fat loss journey.

In Glasgow PTS we are specialists in Fat Loss programs and our personal trainers will be glad to arrange an appointment and talk you through the process.

In the meanwhile, here you have some information about fat loss that you might find useful.

You can do it

Low-fat diet

First of all, you need to know there are two different types of fat, which are commonly known as “good fat” and “bad fat”. But, what is the difference?

Saturated and hydrogenated fats are the so-called bad fats, as they can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease when taken excessively.

On the other hand, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and omega-3 oils are considered good fats, as they won’t cause any high blood pressure risk and can even help your body fight it. However, both of them are high in calories, and that’s why they need to be reduced when looking to lose fat.

A low-fat diet must consider some caloric deficit, reducing both fats and carbs, and it should include a high volume of proteins, high-fiber cereal and lots of veggies and fruit. Some ingredients that can never be missed are:

  • White meat, such as chicken or turkey;
  • Eggs;
  • Blue fish, such as salmon;
  • Cereals, as quinoa or oats;
  • Apples, citrus fruit and berries;
  • Broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, carrots… pretty much any kind of veggie!

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Training: cardio + muscle building

Too many people still believe only cardio will help them lose weight. This is an idea most commonly heard from women’s mouths, as they tend to believe strength training could make them look too muscly (and, for some, that’s not feminine enough).

The truth is, cardio will make you lose fat but it will also make you lose muscle mass and, believe it or not, muscles play a very important role in the proper functioning of your body.

There is something else you know: cardio is a good way of losing weight but it will not take long until your body gets used to this discipline.

This basically means that, as your body adapts to the training, you will have to gradually increase the time you spend running to spend the same amount of calories you used to at the beginning.

Including some strength training in your routine means you won’t have to spend hours on the treadmills and you will maintain your muscle mass. Plus, it will also improve your metabolism, which could also benefit how fast you lose weight.

Healthy Habits

There are some lifestyle changes you should consider in order to achieve your fitness goals. Some of them are pretty easy, some others will require a bit more of determination.

Here is what you can start doing right now to live a more balanced life (remember these tips won’t work miracles if you don’t train and change your diet!):

  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day. Your body needs it to work properly, and it will also stop you from snacking (haven’t you noticed when you are sleepy you tend to eat more? Your body craves the energy that couldn’t get in its sleep and tries to get it from another source: food).
  • Keep yourself hydrated. We’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. Now, if you know about it, why don’t you start doing it?
  • Think about cutting all added sugars. They are definitely not helping your case, and they wouldn’t be good for you even if you weren’t trying to lose weight.
  • Keep an eye on your alcohol intake. Although a recent research found that drinking a glass of red wine can be as beneficial as an hour of running, the truth is this has only shown in mice, not in humans. Alcohol has lots of calories and could drive you into more important healthy problems.

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