Strength Training at Home...

Learn how to use bodyweight, barbells and dumbbells to building up your strength.

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A strong body is a healthy body. There are many benefits to strength training as you probably already know.

However for some reason you’re working out at home, so you’re either too busy to attend a gym, working out at home fits in with your routine or you don’t have the confidence to lift weights at the gym yet.

I would always recommend going to a gym over working out in the house, however it is better than nothing. There are a few problems with working out in the house:

  • You don’t have as much equipment (in most cases)
  • There are too many distractions
  • It can be hard to find room to work out (sometimes)

Bodyweight Training

If you have no equipment, this is a great place to start. With bodyweight training you don’t need any equipment and you can do it from pretty much anywhere. So if you’re traveling or stuck at the office you can always get a quick workout in.

Just make sure you’ve got enough space so you don’t injure yourself. I recommend you at least get a pull up bar for £10-30 and work on that. Work on getting to the stage where you can do at least one pull up, thats a huge accomplishment for a beginner!

Dumbbell Training

Most gyms have a good set of dumbbells so if you do decide to go to the gym at some stage, you’ll have a good idea on how to use some equipment and not feel like a complete outsider. A lot of people lack confidence when first joining a gym so I recommend getting comfortable with some light weighted dumbbells first. Try teach yourself the basic moves and work on your form before lifting heavy.

You can pick up an adjustable set of dumbbells that don’t cost too much or take up too much space at Premier Sports and Fitness.


Barbbell Training

You will need a bit more room for barbell training. However if your ultimate goal is strength, this is the option we recommend the most. Barbell training will allow you to progress quickly, because you hold a barbell with two hands its pretty stable. So you can lift heavier weights easier.

Exercises like deadlifts and squats are great.

The problem with barbell training at home is the space it requires. You need to have a rack or a bench.